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April 24, 2013.

CC plugs will be required for the 2014 season for all tag engines. Here are the pics and part numbers of the plugs to fit your engine.

part no: ccmp-tag1
CC Measuring plug for the Rotax and Motori 7
list: $28.95
part no: ccmp-tag2
CC Measuring Plug for Sonik TX & VX
list: $36.95
part no: ccmp
CC Measuring plug for all other engines
list: $26.95

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January 3, 2013.
A Daytona for the Record books!

With the 2012 WKA World Championships at Daytona behind us, we sat back to reflect on the results. L.A.D. had some really good results on both the Man Cup side and the Road Race side as we have been really seriously thinking about putting forth an effort to get our engines back on the sharp side of the grid on the Man Cup side, so what better driver to have than Nick Neri!! Nick's dad, Marty, approached us a few weeks before Daytona asking if we can supply him with the engines necessary to compete in the full list of classes they wanted to run and we were happy to do so and was happy to work with them to give Nick a chance to win every class. We prepared him a Komet KPV and a Parilla Leopard MY'09 and right out of the box showed good pace in all his classes. The air was really good (high power) thus we had some carburetion issues as he was building up his speed and ended up seizing the engine, but with the LAD trailer on the Road Race side, we were able to hone the cylinder and get him back up and running...

Nick's Man Cup spoils:
Komet PRO 1- Qual.p2/prefinal p3/final P1
Komet PRO 2- qual. P1/prefinal P2/final P2
TAG 1- qual.P15/prefinal P11/final P1
TAG 2- qual.P12/prefinal P5/final P4
Parilla 1- qual.P15/prefinal DNF (accident)/DNF (accident)
Parilla 2- qual.P7/prefinal 22 (accident)/final P9 (from the back!)

Here's a list of notable finishes our drivers had during the National Road Racing Series event:

Richie Warren
P1-Yamaha pipe medium
P2- Yamaha pipe heavy
P5- Yamaha sportsman medium

Anthony Honeywell
P1- Formula 100 Saturday

Jason Lorang
P4- Formula 100 Saturday

Scott Grenier
P2- 100cc controlled

April 17, 2012.
L.A.D. Specialties becomes Tony Kart Dealer!

When they say they "go green," most companies are talking about the environment. When karters go green, that means they're reaching for one of the strongest karting products and brands on the planet: Tony Kart.
We at L.A.D. Specialties are very proud to announce that we are included in the select group of shops that can officially represent the green. More announcements will be coming soon regarding product availability and depth, so stay tuned. As always, you can reach us by email or give us a call at 708-430-1588.

February 25, 2012.

Kid Kart Tools and
Comer C-51 Parts!

L.A.D. Specialties can help you get your youngest drivers prepped with the best running equipment. C-51 parts and Kid Kart Tools will help you make sure the next generation of karters have quick gear to begin their life-long passion for motor sports.

September 29, 2011.

Rotax road racers have been limited to a max 16 teeth for drive gears, but no longer! Now available at L.A.D. is a 17th tooth drive gear, so now those tall rear sprockets and resizing your chain for the long tracks is a thing of the past.

Next up: Used in T.A.G. and spec classes, and known for its affordability, the PRD Fireball is now available from L.A.D. as an engine package as well a full array of parts.

Lastly: A race can only be won if you finish. That needed reliability can come from the Panther chain. Contact us for prices and sizing.

As always, you can reach us by email or give us a call at 708-430-1588.

March 29, 2011.

Sniper Products are now live at L.A.D. Specialties
If you're looking for the ultimate precision in chassis adjustment, you're in the right place. Click here to find the right Sniper product for your needs and place your order today!

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