TKM Coyote Bullet

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70.000 LBS

Product Description

  • 1 1/4 Chromoly frame.
  • Professionally + certified welded.
  • MIG welding is used, the same as 99.5% of all welded karts in the world.
  • Coyote Motorsports fabricates and welds our frames. They have been manufacturing racing karts for almost 50 years.
  • 5 Year warranty on all welds.
  • 4 position rear bearing hanger to change ride height.
  • Sniper linear caster/camber adjustment for spindles.
  • Adjustable ride height in front.
  • Seat back fully adjustable front to rear. 4 bolts removes the seat back to gain 100% access to the clutch and makes it simple to remove the rear axle and make adjustments. 
  • Head rest adjustable front to rear.
  • Side hip restraints adjustable.
  • RT rear shoulder restraint adjustable.
  • Front removable torsion bar.
  • Nerf bars have extra safety bar for the fuel tank.
  • Delrin Bushings (hard nylon) for the nerf bar and rear bumper. (long lasting)
  • 3 Slot kart aluminum mount included and bolted in place to ensure parallelism  and perpendicularly. 
  • Rear adjustable torsion bar.
  • Weight tabs added.
  • Extra belly pan tabs added.
  • Pipe and long can brackets added.
  • Transponder tab added.
  • Beacon tabs, RT+LT added.
  • 4 bodywork brackets welded.
  • Equipped with aircraft hardware, drilled.
  • Kart is welded with a positive bow in the chassis so when the driver lays down the bottom of the kart is parallel to the ground.


If you have any questions about the chassis set-up, feel free to call or ask at the track. Scott Grenier from L.A.D. has done most of the development (Thanks to Brian Ellis too) with this chassis design and can be approached at any time with questions or concerns. Part of our commitment is for real time support.

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